Work in Progress - May 2019 by Pat Byrne

I spent part of May planning workshops that will be held in Heritage House, Abbeyleix. They are mostly paint based with a bit of lino print to finish up on the last day. The workshops are planned for June 25th and will run until the 28th. All the details, such as price, numbers and a more detailed breakdown of each days classes are over on the Heritage House Facebook page and you can message us to book a place from there if you’re around Abbeyleix or know somebody that would be interested in taking part. When I finished work on Friday there were 8 places available.

The planned breakdown is:

Tuesday June 25th - Colour Theory, Wednesday - Portraiture, Thursday - Still Life and Friday - Lino Print

workshop poster.jpg

On the 15th of June I will be running a quilling workshop as part of Cruinniú na nÓg. This will be running from 12pm to 2pm at Heritage House and there will be loads more going on at Heritage House for Cruinniú na nÓg so again if you’re around Abbeyleix call in. The reason I decided to try a quilling workshop was because the date is so close to the painting workshop if anyone came to both I didn’t want it to be too repetitive.

In the studio I’ve just been working away at the drawing and have it fairly close to finished so I’m hoping to get it onto canvas in the next two weeks. I lost a week because I wasn’t happy with the tree over on the right so I decided to cover it over and redo it and I’m happier with the result. There are a couple of small bits to add to it still but I can start painting and add them later.

Just for a bit of a break from the drawing I was playing about with a small lino print and it’s something that I would like to do more of at some stage. The paper I was using was fairly think and I’d like to try a thinner paper and take my time doing it. Just because it was a bit of play I rushed it a bit and didn’t have the ink very even. I found the best result was on the damp paper but I had too much ink on the block and lost some detail, but I was happy enough with it.

Work in Progress - April 2019 by Pat Byrne

I spent most of April working in Photoshop trying to make one image, that I will paint from, out of several pieces of photography. I wanted to have the Púca and parts of the Lafcadio Hearn Gardens combined on canvas so I was cutting bits and pieces away and adding the figure below. I got the figure cut out and added fairly quickly, it was just a case of getting direction of the light matching the the light in the garden photos.


There were a few bits that had to be flipped to make the light and shadow make sense but that wasn’t to much of a problem because the pictures weren’t meant to be of that specific garden. What took the most time on Photoshop was editing out the background in a photo of an olive tree, it had more plants behind it and it made it hard to know what was olive tree and what was background.

For instagram.jpg

I eventually got most of it done and started sketching it out on paper. There’s a few more additions to make but I’ll get them in gradually, I have a fair bit to do on the sketch still before it’s put on canvas but I hope to be painting it before the end of next month.

The piece is going to be 108cm x 54cm so it’s the biggest painting I’ve worked on in a long while.

Work in Dublin Auction by Pat Byrne

I was contacted by Pallas Projects/Studios earlier in the year about submitting a piece of work to an auction that is being run at The Irish Georgian Society’s City Assembly House this week. The auction is in support of Pallas Projects/Studios with the proceeds being split between participating artists and the artist run gallery, it is in collaboration with Whytes and The Irish Georgian Society and there’s work by more than 70 artists going into the auction, for a full list you can click here to go to the Pallas site and see an online catalogue as well as more information about the event.

Viewing days are Tuesday 30th of April from 2pm - 6pm and Wednesday 1st of May and Thursday the 2nd from 12pm - 6pm with the auction starting at 7pm

A Manifestation , Oil on Canvas, 2018

A Manifestation, Oil on Canvas, 2018

The painting above is the piece that I submitted for the auction.